Unshaven Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is one of the most common aesthetic operations performed by men in our modern world. Nowadays, hair transplantation operation, which we call unshaven FUE, can be applied without scraping the hair and hitting 0.

Men’s hair loss begins with openings in the areas we call the anterior gulf. The front hairline disappears, then there is a gradual opening in the crown area, where the front and back meet and the crown begins to open. There is no need to shave all of the hair, especially when the tops of the front bays are open. FUE hair transplantation can be done without shaving in cases where there is thinning and where the hair can be easily entered.

Especially in men whose hair on the nape is about 4 cm long, it is possible to shave 2 strips of a finger, cover the shaved area with their long hair, and get hair that is so natural that no one can understand, without shaving, after almost 2-3 days.

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