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Home Workouts

Exercise, which is among the sine qua non for a healthy life, helps the person to stay fit both physically and psychologically. With the new type of coronavirus epidemic that emerged in December 2019, the lifestyle habits of the whole society changed, the society was closed to homes as a precautionary measure and their movements were restricted, making it difficult to lead an active life as before. Against this situation, which leads to a sedentary lifestyle, physical performance can be improved, blood circulation can be increased, lung capacity can be expanded and you can feel more vigorous psychologically with exercises to be done at home. Before starting regular exercises that can be done at home, it is important for the person to be determined in this regard for the continuity of the exercises. Thus, the person can get into the habit of regular exercise and prevent the activity from being postponed continuously. It is extremely important that the person chooses exercises according to their condition before starting the exercise during the pandemic process. Since you have been inactive for a while, exercises should be started with light movements and movements should be preferred according to the age, muscle mass and current condition of the person. In addition, instead of doing one hour of uninterrupted exercise a day, exercises consisting of five-minute movements can be repeated 5-6 times during the day. Thus, the sedentary lifestyle resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic can be successfully combated. With half an hour of exercises done in total during the day, the person can feel stronger and fitter both physically and psychologically.

By gradually increasing the exercise time when necessary, you can get rid of the feeling of fatigue caused by a sedentary lifestyle and attain a healthy and fit body. In this article, you can learn about some exercises that can be done easily at home.