Gastric Clamp

In the gastric band, or popularly known as the gastric band method, a band made of silicone is placed around the stomach, approximately 20 mm below the junction of the esophagus and the stomach. The inner wall of the band is like an elongated balloon, or bicycle tire. This balloon is connected to a port placed under the skin via a thin tube. The band is left deflated during the surgery, but is gradually inflated approximately 1 month later with serum injections from the subcutaneous port. In this way, the size of the gastric passage can be changed with a simple intervention after the surgery.

The band, which is made of silicone and does not have any allergic effects, divides the stomach into two parts like an hourglass. When the small upper stomach pouch is filled with food, an early feeling of satiety occurs and thus food intake is reduced. In the band method, as in other surgical methods, the basic principle is to change the patient’s behavioral habits and eating style. If the band is removed, it may be possible to quickly return to pre-operative weight. Therefore, this operation is not a permanent solution for morbid obesity unless the patient’s eating habits change. However, it can provide significant weight loss and offer a healthier life by reducing the risks associated with obesity-related secondary diseases.

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