About Us

Health Point World

It is now very easy to reach the best hospitals and doctors in Turkey, which is the meeting point of world health tourism. Because we offer the best prices from the best hospitals in line with Healthpoint World special agreements. Moreover, all you have to do is reach us through our communication channels and submit your reports. Your reports are evaluated free of charge by specialist physicians and we prepare the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Afterwards, we organize all your transportation and accommodation processes in line with the hospital and doctor you have decided. In addition, our translators and patient consultants will accompany you free of charge during the entire treatment. If you want to spend your treatment process easily and comfortably, you can reach us through our communication channels and get information about your treatment process.

Health Service

It is our leading responsibility at HealthPoint World to serve patients and their relatives at the highest international standards of excellence in the world of health tourism. We have the largest local network with a portfolio of more than 300 doctors. In this way, with our constant search for the best price, we gather the industry’s leading A Plus (A+) hospitals, the most professional healthcare professionals, lecturers, doctors and institutions under one roof.

Our Patient Support Center team reviews the medical reports we receive and brings together the best hospitals, the most talented doctors and healthcare teams. In this way, we get the most suitable treatment plan for all domestic and foreign and present it to our patients. Considering the importance of providing psychological support to patients, we meet all the needs of our patients and their companions with our patient services specialists, translators and patient counseling team during their stay in Istanbul.